Stats Page 1 (See stats page 3 with buffs for average damage output through retaliation): Stats Page 2: Stats Page 3 (no temp buffs): Stats Page 3 (with temp buffs): Skill Mastery 1: Skill Mastery 2: Devotion Mastery Part 1: Devotion Mastery Part 2: I started this build in Beta and have adapted him with each new patch.More or less he hasn't changed much and has remained completely viable throughout. t=32466 This build has plenty of room to be improved on.For anyone looking for a safe, less anxious way to advance in hardcore mode on all difficulties with little effort, minimal APS, and no real threat then I would recommend considering this Warder retaliation/reflect build.

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Note: First, this build has a lot of leeway so from levels 1-40 you can pretty much do whatever is fun, at 40 you need to start gearing/respeccing for retaliation/reflect/survival.

That said, here is a basic leveling guide should you desire one.

While I've logged a good amount of time, not near as much as some of those on here.

All my gear is average but I've seen in the item library items that would greatly enhance this build in many ways.

- Watch horde's (see linked videos for example) die faster than the normal person can kill them. This guy kills enemies as fast as they can strike you (which is faster).

(Depending on reflect amount, may be some troubles with ranged, see cons).

Level the mastery bar to Heart of the Wild, then put a point in Mogdrogen's Pact to activate that line, put another point into heart of the wild.

Then continue leveling up the mastery bar until you reach Oak Skin. You cannot regain points that you accidentally put in the master bar so to follow this guide you'll want to stop at Oak Skin which is 25 points in the Mastery Bar.

I've tanked Bo C bosses and So T bosses on Ultimate in Parties of 4.