When I go to google and put it in, it tells me where the email originated from. This is really a crime and that havoc or disturbs the peaceful and tranquility life of the victim.

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Legitimate packages are often stolen from your door step, so ALWAYS require an adult signature for any package, no exception.

Even post a sign on your door for no packages to be left without a signature.

A strictly trade-only event, MITT 2017 was attended by 23,047 industry professionals from 79 regions of Russia - tour operators, travel agents, and other companies involved in the travel industry such as airlines, transport companies, hotels and IT companies. As Russia’s travel industry evolves, MITT remains the key industry forum for travel professionals.

MITT is organised by ITE Group, one of the world’s leading organisers of international trade exhibitions and conferences.

Many times stolen money or packages, even with video of the crooks, are rarely recovered or prosecuted.

Never click on a link from any email you don't expect.

The message might also include a link for more details.

But, it says, if you print the attached form and take it to your local post office, you can pick up your package and avoid penalties.

This will cut down on thefts of actual legitimate deliveries.