Suffice it to say everything that comes out of the kitchen is not just fresh, but tenderly and expertly cooked. (I'd wager this is one of the few farms in the country owned by an Ivy League graduate). An engaging, gossipy 45-minute tour will introduce you, through stunning portraits, to all prominent Stockton's and their mates, including the namesake of Stockton, CA, Robert Field Stockton who, aside from being a Naval hero was embroiled in one of the greatest fiascos of his day when a cannon he had designed accidentally exploded, killing the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Navy and President Tyler's future father-in-law. Yet it is superbly laid out and surprisingly intimate. Upstairs, you'll find provocative and important pieces of contemporary and European art: downstairs, Medieval and antiquity artifacts second to none. Drive up to the distressed white barns, working windmill and acres of green farmland and all of a sudden you're inside a Wyeth painting.

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There's so much more to Princeton, NJ and its environs than just the university. What was Hitler's bounty on Einstein's head when the great scientist was offered a job for life and free housing at the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) in 1933?

Come for a few days, and though your IQ might not rise to the level of former resident Albert Einstein's, you're sure to have great meals and great fun in this Ivy League town. Mimi Omieccinski giddily dishes on well-known Princeton residents past and present -- some the most prominent people in world history. Who now lives at Einstein's very modest white home at 112 Mercer Street?

Here are 12 top picks from attractions to restaurants to lodging. (Hint, IAS stipulates that it must remain in private hands: the hands of only Nobel Prize winners).

Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemmingway play their version of beer pong?

For more to see and do in Princeton NJ and other destinations in the Northeast, check out Getaway

Homewood Suites by Hilton Princeton boasts newly renovated (Feb, 2016) public spaces including lobby, lodge, business center, pool and our guest rooms including new kitchen appliances.

The "modern take on country cuisine" include repeat-guest favorites such as the addictive Crispy Shrimp Salad () and Short Ribs with roasted vegetables (). Brothers Henry and Robert are the third generation of Landau's to run this woolen's store right across from Princeton U's main gate.

The store became an ersatz Einstein Museum after neighbors were asked to bring Einstein memorabilia to be used in the front window for the filming of the movie IQ.

And when is Einstein's birthday, and what does it have to do with Pi? It's as if the coolest sculptors, arborists, landscape architects, Walt Disney and the Secret Garden huddled together to mastermind the design of 42 acres carved from the former New Jersey State Fairgrounds.

For most of its existence, the college was virtually closed off the to the world: its gates open to the public only in 1970. If only for a stroll though its Oxford-like campus. Founded in 1992 as a nonprofit by one of the Johnson and Johnson heirs -- the artist Seward Johnson -- Grounds For Sculpture, a mélange of outdoor art, trees, water features, art-deco and contemporary buildings, was envisioned as a place for art appreciators of all stripes.

A dying breed, this is a family-owned specialty store where the owners love to talk to customers face to face (though you can certainly order online) and one of the only places on Earth you can find a variety of classic woolens like light, soft ultra dense Loden Coats, authentic hand-woven Harris Tweed jackets, Possum Marino woolens, and Mohair Throws, aka "Plaids." 4.