I had laid things out very clearly how living in my family was going to be. I went into this arrangement knowing there were going to be challenges and he would falter occasionally, but I chose to see these situations with humor.

Before they went to court, my niece asked if I would take in my fifteen-year-old nephew.

Unsure of what to do, I contacted a friend of mine who was on staff at the Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home. Most people don’t know where to go or whom to consult regarding such an issue.

I didn’t use the word , because his recent behavior and actions told me he looked at rules only as a way to challenge an authority figure.

I explained right off that if he was going to be part of my family, then he had to change some habits.

After we had gone over all the points in the agreement, I explained he would need to sign the agreement.

I explained that by signing and dating it, he was agreeing to everything. More than once I brought out or referred to “the agreement” over the next few months.I was going to be the teacher and help him change his behaviors.I entered the relationship with the “this is the way it’s going to be” attitude.And for our situation, I had to be sure he understood coming to live with me was a choice, his choice.Many caregivers don’t know how to help this new child fit into their family.The following tips will make the transition a little more bearable for the child.