This invention relates to a transport foil/film as well as a transport system for holding and transport of at least one thin flexible substrate and a corresponding method and a use of a flexible transport foil/film for holding and for transport of at least one thin, flexible substrate, the substrates being able to be fixed or being fixed at least temporarily on the transport foil/film and the transport foil/film being drivable by driving means for transport of the substrates.

accommodating transport-84

They are raised off the material of the transport foil/film in terms of contrast.

Alternatively index holes can be machined into the transport foil/film.

The major barriers to commercial use are moreover transport logistics or the type of transport as well as the technology in the production environment and the lack of suitable methods and means for transporting these thin substrates for example from the substrate manufacturer to photovoltaic production.

Therefore the object of this invention is to provide an alternative transport system or method with which thin substrates can be safely transported with a high throughput at minimum possible costs.

The diameter or the transverse extension of the substrates is advantageously smaller than the width of the transport belt 4 and advantageously the substrates 3 are fixed with a distance along the transport distance T on the transport foil/film 4 so that detection of the position of the individual substrates 3 is enabled and the substrates 3 can be moved accordingly precisely to the processing position in the process modules.

Advantageously position marks for positioning of the substrates can be applied to the foil/film.The transport belt or the transport foil/film 4 can also be a moved through closed process module spaces, especially with underpressure or overpressure by the transport belt or the transport foil/film 4 being moved by way of a fluidic seal into the corresponding process module space 5 on one side and out on the other side.shows the transport foil/film 4 with the substrates 3 fixed on it in a plane view, in this case square substrates 3 being shown, but also round substrates, for example wafers, can be processed.In this way, flexible substrates 3 which are fixed, especially cemented, on the transport foil/film can be transported along a transport distance T.The transport distance T can be a closed distance in which the start corresponds to the end so that the transport belt or the transport foil/film 4 is made endless.The invention is based on the idea of accommodating the substrates on a transport foil/film and transporting them between the individual process modules.