Business offers reports aimed at providing assistance when doing business abroad.

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Knowing how to deal with people from various cultural backgrounds is helpful at home, in the office and abroad.

Reports are available for over 80 countries, and include topics applicable to culture and customs.

Minehan indicates that employers should become educated about Islam, and she recommends obtaining a copy of CAIR’s publication “An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices.” The publication itself is not currently available through the CAIR (the Council on American Islamic-Relations) website, but, according to a spokesperson for CAIR, online ordering will be available in the near future.

Meanwhile, email contact information is available online, and employers can currently purchase the booklet, which costs $3.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling, by telephoning (202) 488-8787. The Need For Observance Although most companies have standard holidays, there are days of observance specific to individual religions.

Likewise, reports about other countries also cover cultural issues.

A report about Chile, entitled “Doing Business in Chile,” addresses class and ethnic descent, topics to avoid, punctuality, proper protocol and women in business, among other subject areas.If you religious dress covers your face, you can be asked to show your face for reasonable identification purposes.Employers can: Workers and employers should also consider cultural differences as possible reasons for problems or misunderstandings in the workplace.Another report, “Building Successful Relationships in Chile,” includes such topics as friendliness and sincerity, gestures and posture, use of humor and the importance of family.Reports can be ordered online at Business and are delivered via email within 10 minutes of order placement. Three of the four noted above are priced at .00 each; “Negotiating in Egypt” is .00.An employer’s ability to meet the individual requirements of a staff member may be dictated by any number of factors, including the type of position and the workplace itself.