Between candle sales and modeling gigs, Choupette is certainly earning her keep.

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Of course, cat-lovers on a budget can indulge in Choupette's book.

For $24, you can read up on the 'Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat' and learn what it takes to become just as fabulous as Choupette herself.

There are some instances of more traditional action scenes of course, with the best occurring in the episode’s opening scene.

When Red steals a souped-up car, he is trailed by police who try to surround him only for the Concierge of Crime to deftly maneuver out of the incoming cruiser’s way.

The Steiff Choupette plush toy is now available for pre-order, and is expected to ship out in early June.

Although there is action in Wednesday night’s show, it is hardly the focus of it.

Though she has quite the famous father, the fashionable feline is a social media celebrity in her own right.

On Instagram, more than 98,000 fans follow her every move.

Alas, she does not come with the two personal maids that the real Choupette is reported to have tending to her every whim.

Shockingly, the new Choupette toy is but the latest in a long series of pricey merchandise based on the Chanel designer's famous cat.

Joe: You took an oath just the same as me, sheriff. Just 'cause you have a badge doesn't mean you can treat people any way you like.