"I feel like in acting you have no control so having something physical to do to kind of give you the illusion that you have control over what's happening is helpful," Driver said.

In the Land of Women is enjoyable for a movie in which pretty much nothing happens.

She reminds us how conflicted teenagers are about everything, especially parents and members of the opposite sex, and how they may be more insightful about some things than adults suspect.

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This great story comes via Evil Beet – I hadn’t heard a peep about it, because, you know, who follows Adam Brody news?

But Adam Brody has opinions, and they’re pretty interesting.

When his girlfriend, Sofia (Elena Anaya), dumps him, Carter decides he needs a change of scenery.

So he flies to Michigan to live with his aging, senile grandmother, Phyllis (Olympia Dukakis), and act as her caretaker.

I saw (the interview) and thought I sounded like an idiot. Regardless of how anyone else took anything, I would think that sounds very ungentlemanly and I sounded like a jackass.” [From IMDB] Adam Brody: douche, gentleman, or truth-teller?

I think he’s a truth-teller who got scared of alienating a powerful fan base, so he was the one to suck it up.This leads Carter to meet the family across the street, the Hardwickes.He quickly becomes friends with Sarah (Meg Ryan), who is going through a reflective and vulnerable period because of a lump she recently discovered in one breast.Plus, he fell on his sword so completely, he does sound gentlemanly and sweet.Now, if he’s going to pull “takesies-backsies” then I’ll be the one to say it to Kristen: grow up, suck it up, and act like a professional.With In the Land of Women, Kasdan has elected to start out small.