After a week, despite probably not being ready, I decided not to ruin my summer by pouting so I got back online, saw this very cute guy who intrigued me immediately with his quick wit and humor and we met shortly thereafter for a drink near my place.

He was a scientist who was also in a punk rock band.

I have never needed to find a place with a roommate so this was the best. The last thing I expected was to find the man of my dreams.

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- Melissa" "I just wanted to thank you for helping me find a roommate as soon as possible.

I signed up on Sunday night and found a roommate by Thursday.

However if this situation is caused by necessity then the local council or housing authority have a legal obligation to rehouse you and your family.

“If you are a man and live in Rochester, you need to be going to "The Men's Room" for any grooming needs you have.

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Nothing bothers me more than complicated paths, and you guys have made this seem like a walk in the park! :) very satisfied user - Blair" "I was first signed up with a competitor of yours...

however, I grew tired of writing to people I did not get responses from (couldn't tell how old the listings were) and was getting closer to D-Day when I decided to sign up for your service. It allows you to remain confidential until you're more comfortable and I loved the resources page you made available. Thanks Much - Michelle" "I found TWO great roommates through your service.

-Alexandra" "This was an amazing service, thank you!

I tried another service prior to this one and paid more money, but only had a few possibilities. I was having difficulty finding a place on the other services available.

The last time I used the service was due to getting dumped by a man I'd met from the Love Lab who I'd been dating for two months.