These aren't places where you'll quietly sip a cocktail in some booth in the corner, nor places that are a complete drunken mess (for the most part), but rather bars where you can actually expect to mix it up with other humans and have an all-around good time.You don't need to own the dog, but you should say that you do. Up front there’s a long bar, and in the back you’ll find darts, skee ball, and pool. Just pop into the narrow little room, order something like a Gin Gin Mule, then accidentally drop some photos of a dog in front of a stranger. The clientele will be young, and you probably won’t be the most attractive one there. Ace Bar feels like the basement of a frat house, but mostly in a good way.

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Stop by for cheap drinks and a conversation that will cost you very little but might pay dividends.

The Johnson's is the cleaned-up sister bar of the hole-in-the-wall LES dive Welcome to the Johnson’s.

Boobie Trap is, possibly, the most Bushwick of all the Bushwick bars.

It’s kitschy and boobie-themed, and if you want to play Hungry Hungry Hippos, you certainly can.

When you first walk into Belle Reve, you might think, hmm, seems like a random Tribeca bar that's been around forever.

In fact, it's a new spot, and one that for reasons we've never exactly figured out, attracts a crowd of eclectic people looking to party.

Depending on the time and day of the week, you may find yourself surrounded by anyone from suited Citibank employees to guys in their 50s taking shots to a Russian bachelorette party to a group at a nearby ad agency just looking to get trashed on a Friday night (all true stories).

The Lower East Side is filled with bars where everyone’s pretending to be too cool to even acknowledge one another. The beach-shack living room vibes make you feel right at home, and the infinite menu of drunk food possibilities make you feel alive. Order a couple rounds of nachos for everyone around you. If you use the word “yopro” in casual conversation, you’ll fit in at The Wren.

The colors are bright, the barstools are comfy, and the small, open space encourages socializing.