While you might have long been over the fact that big sis is two inches taller or your brother scored higher on his SATs, it sucks when your love life is examined next to theirs.“I have an older sister who's pretty much a serial-dater—boyfriend after boyfriend.

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Try, “I'm not currently seeing anyone, but I'll be sure to let you know if that changes.

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It's hard to be upset with family and friends who nag you about dating because they love you and only want to see you happy.

Most of the time, they might not even realize their words are irritating or hurtful. We looked at four common situations and broke down how to handle each one. Situation #1: Your family seems more interested in your love life than your other accomplishments You put in long hours studying for Orgo, you're a rockstar at your internship, and have awesome summer plans.

Situation #5: Your family and friends constantly try to set you up Your family and friends keep suggesting guys to set you up with, whether it's your mother's Pilates instructor's son, your mother's decorator's son, or your mother's friend's son – all real examples from one summer of my life!

It's fun to play matchmaker for others, but less fun to be on the receiving end when you're not interested. “It’s not always easy to say no to a friend who’s trying to push a potential date on you.

When you're forced to scramble for a date, the days and weeks leading up the event place a giant spotlight on your single status. “My sister even joked about me potentially being a lesbian.

It's all fun and jokes but it makes me a little uncomfortable and sometimes the jokes can get under my skin.” First off, check if you actually need a date.

if you weren't about to graduate, move back home for the summer, or take a semester abroad.