This bold theory seems to have already proved popular.

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If you believe the media then this is apparently the case but for most singles in Germany this isn’t so.

What’s really absurd is that men want women, women want men – there are more singles than ever before – so where then, does the problem lie?

The fact that it’s almost always overlooked or ignored is hardly surprising.

Thus the emancipated woman remains passive and receives little attention from men that she’s interested in, apart from those who have drunk enough to have the courage to approach women despite all the feminist accusations.

The woman is depicted as the infallible goddess, opposite whom the man is already burdened with guilt from birth.

Admittedly, I am an industrial engineer and no psychologist, but I could imagine the following: if you were to take these accusations and correlate them into an innumerable media form and then constantly confront a population with them, then that could, theoretically, lead all too easily to asexual and intimidated behaviour in men toward women.

The female perspective on this problem is often, and very accurately, discussed in the media – just like the above quote from the young British girl in Berlin, who simply wasn’t approached by any German man during her stay in the country as part of a student exchange programme. Lots of men have absolutely no imagination anymore as to how to approach a woman.

Since we men like to be pragmatic, it would actually be in our nature to go up to an attractive woman and simply speak to her.

Before a woman would show her interest in a man through subtle gestures – today it's up to the man to give a furtive glance at most to suggest he likes a woman When a woman asks me again why she’s never approached, I give her a tip that the author and seduction coach Maximillian Pütz gave a female caller once on the radio.