Older women have limited patience for the shenanigans of youth, so stick to these five no-fail rules and you will be dating older women in no time.

Hi, I’m 49 and I just got into a relationship with a very gorgeous and loving 35 year old man.

Sexy little you saunters in and shows him a few things you’ve discovered about life and I swear to you that he will never forget you!

Mind you, this isn’t an “I’m older so I know better” situation.

Is there some kind of stigma around dating older women?

Are my friends secretly making fun of me or are they jealous I’m having a blast with a hot younger man? What’s your thoughts on older women dating younger men?

It’s a cruel joke on humans that men peak in their late 20’s and women just get started in their thirties.

Much of a woman’s sexuality stems from a deep understanding of herself: what turns her on, what intrigues her, all of her hidden nooks and crannies.

If he makes fun of you in a cruel way for not knowing things that played a big part in his childhood or if you react with pity when he wonders what a payphone is, then you guys are going to have a hard time making it last.

These instances will always pop up from time to time.

I am in a situation where I am confuse I am dating a guy who is 20 and I am 29 I met him while subscribing my mother at the gym where he trains, I have no idea what it was I saw him and wow felt this butterflies in my tummy, we are so attracted to each other, we have been dating for a month now, but I so confuse because this is something I never thought it could happen to me, I mean he looks so much older and when I am with him I feel so care and I don\'t even think about our age difference, but there it comes the point on where my friends and family think I am crazy, by dating him, I like him a lot and I am happy with him, and what other people is saying is killing me, my 14yr old niece called me a cougar :-( I am in the point of just letting him go...please some one help!!! Honestly, it's not anyone's business how old you two are and truthfully, in the end it won't matter at all.

I'd say that you should go for it and go for whichever guy you like.

This is a little easier for you since you had children and had to take part in their likes and hobbies, but given the length of your marriage, I’m guessing he’s nearly a decade older than your kids.