Ive tried them all and Elance and Guru are the only two where Ive found good clients and been able to get a reasonable amount of money for my work.

Jessie, Writer/Translator They find the clients for you.

Do you have any advice for people considering working via Elance? Every client that you work with will give you feedback.

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A lot of clients on Elance are looking for quality.

If your price is considerably lower than everyone elses, you stand out as cheap. Jessie, Writer/Translator See what the winners are doing.

Maree, Ghostwriter A great place to find major projects. At all the other sites, Ive only been able to find people who want an entire book ghostwritten for $100.

Plus, Elances payment process makes it safe to complete projects worth this much money.

For every project you dont win, read through the bids and see who did win it.

If the bid details are public, you can read exactly what their proposal said and what they charged.

Then make sure you do everything right and get great feedback. Take projects that you know you can do, and dont rush into applying for them all just because you want work. Just accept the slow start and let the work build, learning as much as you can on the way. If youre not winning projects, dont panic and start dropping your prices.

Once youve done it once, your feedback will have you winning the next projects a lot faster. Keep your prices reasonable, but dont think that a lower price will make the difference.

Raymond, Copywriter Theres a cost to doing business.

I may be paying a month to bid, but the amount I get for a project has increased by at least that much. They knew that the money was in attracting quality clients.

Your profile will be able to be viewed by potential clients and you can browse through the projects available. About the Author: Shelley Wake Take your freelance career to the next level with The Freelance Success Book Series.