In fact, Western women may be treated as if they were prostitutes.This is because Western women are not held to the Islamic and tribal codes of honor and, in the minds of Afghan men, are already believed to be potentially (or likely) promiscuous.

Once a women’s reputation is tarnished, she is no longer respected.

Promiscuity, rape, divorce and the like will all tarnish a women’s reputation.

Of course, freedom of expression cuts both ways, and the site also displays – in real time and often in unvarnished language – some of the intimidatory, reactionary backlash against progress and activism in the country.

With the impact made by both Western military and Western money, Afghanistan has witnessed incredible change since the turn of the century.

In Afghanistan, marriages are usually arranged, and women are usually less educated than men.

They marry young, have many babies (preferably boys), generally do not work outside the home, and are usually restricted to socializing with female relatives.At around a dollar a month, it is one of their most popular packages.Things that would have been unthinkable – and certainly punishable – less than 14 years ago, such as flirting with potential partners online, and lampooning the government, now regularly appear in Afghan Facebook timelines.Samira Hamidi was initially reluctant to join Facebook.In 2009, she explains, it was "very unusual" for an Afghan woman to have an account.The number of girls in formal education has risen from zero in 2001 to 2.9 million in 2012, according to the World Bank; and the proportion of Afghans with access to safe drinking water has risen from 4.8 per cent to 60.6 per cent by 2011, says the UN.