And dancer Aidan Davis was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent.

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Soon the presenters and the audience are jumping and singing along together to Pixie Lott’s hit Kiss The Stars Tonight.

Watching in the studio, the sense of innocent fun is infectious.

I glanced over at Claz, she was as scared as me fixed on Tyger, then at Becca starring at Aidan and Em next to her in a trance looking at Richard, all scared to death. Then was my favorite part, Hot or Not, first up was Aidan with books, it was hot, Dionne came around the audience asking who had a hot or not I shot my hand up like a bullet.

I looked back to Cel, they were all doing dance download. I just carried on watching and didn't really think of much for the rest of the show.

“We won’t allow some of the lyrics that even day-time Radio 1 has allowed.” Commercial plugs are banned too.

So while Friday Download will road-test a new video game each week, viewers aren’t told the price or that they should go out and buy it. “We do see a sales lift when artists appear on the show,” says Ruth Parrish, media director at Island Records, part of Universal Music, Britain’s biggest record company. They are great with artists — probably as they have talented artists within their own rights, presenting.” Salsby says it’s easy to forget what a risk CBBC boss Damian Kavanagh took.

The fact this young audience loves music is giving hope to the record industry, even as CD sales dive.

“Not since Top Of The Pops has a TV show featured number one artists week after week,” says Jeremy Salsby, founder of production firm Salt Beef TV, who created Friday Download.

They look like the cool older kids in the playground, inviting you to share in their fun.

Six fashionably dressed teenage presenters stride confidently onto a stage in a studio in BBC Television Centre — to a chorus of screams from the over-excited audience of 100 or so children, aged between eight and 14.

Welcome to a recording of Friday Download, the hottest new children’s show on TV, a mixture of live performances and chat, with segments dedicated to the latest pop music, films, video games and gadgets.