Her mystique rested not only on her glamour and vulnerability but also on her monarchical and aristocratic associations.Had the Princess actually married Dodi and settled, as some speculated she might, in Paris, she would probably have lost favor, even with the masses.His father owned the apartments on Park Lane in London and just off the Champs-Élysées in Paris where Dodi often stayed.

One account, from model/actress Traci Lind, alleged that during their affair they used nicknames (Bruisey and Gippo) and fought “like children,” trading pushes and slaps.

She also claimed that he once threatened her with a nine-mm. The biggest splash came in mid-August when a sobbing 31-year-old model named Kelly Fisher sued Dodi after he jilted her to take up with Diana.

Having suffered the demise of an engagement sealed with a sapphire-and-diamond ring, Fisher accused Dodi of failing to pay her $440,000 in “premarital support” which, she claimed, he had pledged in return for her giving up modeling.

(Exhibit A: a check for $200,000 that he had written to her on a closed account.)Fisher sold her story to Rupert Murdoch’s for an estimated $300,000 to $450,000.

“I have no idea where Dodi thought was home,” says White.“Around the office we used to always say, ‘Dodi is a character in a movie,’” recalls Jack Wiener, a producer who was Dodi’s partner for seven years.

A sense of unreality touched everything Dodi did; in many ways, he was the victim of his own misguided, hopelessly romantic dreams.

Drifting from Europe to Hollywood, Dodi Fayed moved in the massive shadow of his tycoon father, Mohamed, spending recklessly in pursuit of love and status.

His romance with Princess Diana seems as inevitable as it was tragic.

Later, Mohamed Al Fayed drew further enmity after revealing that he had paid prominent Conservative members of Parliament to raise questions relating to his business interests in the House of Commons.

Fayed’s revelations of Tory Party “sleaze” contributed to Labour’s landslide last spring.

Diana and Dodi had died in a high-speed car crash 10 days earlier.