So don't worry, we're not secretly plotting ways to make you propose. We still had a social life (by which we mean horrifically awkward school discos and crazy hormone-packed house parties). We grew up never knowing the pressure of trying to look hot and impress your crush at school and that hasn't changed much now. We can do anything and we don't need to depend on a man to do it for us. Just because we didn't see boys between the hours of 8am-4pm Monday-Friday for a a few years, it doesn't mean we have become total desperados. Sure, sometimes we'd talk about weddings and having kids, but no more than any other group of girls. So, if you're dating us for the family dosh or our stables in Ascot, you'll be sadly disappointed. Don't freak out if you find a picture of us as a 15-year-old wearing a suit and a moustache.6. Sure, we probably had less chance to snog boys behind the bike sheds every day of the week, but this doesn't mean we lived like nuns until we were at uni. Just because we had less interaction with boys until we were in our late teens, it doesn't mean we went on some mad sex rampage the second we were out of that place. In fact, we're probably more chilled than your average girl. We've been raised to believe that men are great, but women are great too. We did unspeakably cringe things in front of the whole school that we thought were really cool and now wish could be erased from our memory. With a release penned for spring in the west - Its a surprise to see this game being localised at all in truth, so a little censoring isn't going to bother me much.

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Because there's no way to ask 'have you ever had a thing with a girl' without sounding like a sleaze. So let's hope you get along, because you kinda have to.

When you've grown up with a solid group of girls around you, they are your sisters for life.

Don’t ask me why I happened to watch the night it premiered.

I was a freshman in college and on my winter break, a friend texted me to turn it to Disney, and all these years later I have no shame in admitting that those three movies are awesome.

After two years of stress thanks to a job she grew to hate, she left and focused 90% of her attention on the one thing that had been her right hand man since she was 13: writing.

Currently she writes often for Fandomania, Roni Reports, MTV Geek, and her own music blog, Golden Mixtape.i can’t believe it took me 2 years to realize this, since these are my favorite parts of the show’s lore. since the loveracelets become their brooches, and the love alerts won’t stop till they’ve performed the love shower or whatever, that means, technically, they take shocks to the heart whenever they fight. Efron’s Bolton was great and will forever be linked to good times in college, but this guy’s got me seeing hearts due to his love of mixing it up.Kendra lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.To answer your question, the number of censored cards are about 40 cards out of approx. So, more than 300 cards are intact from the original images.