It's a permanent solution for either disk read error or disk write error for good. Position the mouse pointer on the left or right partition handle; the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow and drag the handle to the partition size you want. To replace a failing hard drive to a new one, use Ease US Partition Master's clone disk function. Prepare the old and new hard drives and have them correctly connected to the computer. Right click the disk with disk write error and choose Clone disk.

an error occurred while updating dota 2 disk read error-29

In addition to the basic troubleshooting for Steam disk errors provided by Steam Support, including restart computer, clear download cache, reinstall Steam or move Steam installation to other location, we come up with 4 advanced solutions that proved to be more powerful in removing Steam disk write or read error completely. That's because these files are local configuration files and they cannot be disturbed as part of this action. When all files are validated successfully, you can retry installing updates and see whether the disk error is removed.

Try to verify integrity for Steam games files at first if you see games keeps crashing or their models missing unknowingly. When disk is somehow write protected, you're prevented from modifying it, such as formatting, writing data, installing programs on it. Type these commands one by one and press Enter key after each: diskpart list disk select disk # (# is the number of hard drive with which you're getting disk error) attributes disk clear readonly Step 3.

Though it is convenient for users to play games with Steam, there are various issues that will disturb the game you are playing.

One of the most frequent errors is disk read / write error.

As you can tell, the extra information in the parenthesis behind the detailed error message is disk related.

So, what disk problems would bring about such failure in daily game update and installation?

A write or read disk error on Steam is not rare and it occurs when data cannot be read or written to storage device.

For example, when installing or updating a Steam game, you find that does not work and even get a Steam error: "An error occurred while updating [game name] (disk read error).

Unfortunately, when it was almost done, an error came up, saying "An error occurred during updating Dota 2 (Disk Read Error)". If the status is not "Good", you should back up data as soon as possible, and then contact hard drive's technical support for help.

I tried updating once again, but ended with same error message. Section 2: Check and repair hard drive bad sectors Bad sectors cannot respond to write or read requests, thus you'll receive disk read error or disk write error when operations are done to bad sectors.

My Dota 2 was downloading the update files but the installation keep failing.