I met my husband, Sean, when we were both very young, but he had had a previous girlfriend and had learned things about communication through the way that relationship fell apart.

At first I was upset that he’d dated someone before me, because of the sort of analogy in the meme above—I felt his ex-girlfriend had somehow stolen something from me—but over time I came to see that she actually gave me a gift. This isn’t to say that there aren’t bad relationships or partners who do damage. As my children grow I plan to teach them about the characteristics of a healthy relationships and warning signs of an abusive one.

There are other things we gain through romantic partnerships that aren’t (or were never intended to be) longterm, too.

Namely, we learn more about what we want in a potential longterm partner (or even in a future short-term partner) and we hone our relationship skills (and learn what works, and what doesn’t).

But the issue here isn’t having short-term relationships or relationships not intended to end in marriage, it’s abuse, which can occur in any relationship.

At its core, opposition to forming romantic relationships without the intent of marriage is rooted in the idea that you—your body, your companionship, your experiences—belong to you future spouse, even if you won’t meet them for a decade or more. This opposition is also rooted in a perception of relationships that focuses on giving and taking rather than on sharing experiences and life.

c) Or, these feelings may be echoes of former trauma that may signal a relationship that will morph into the nightmare of the abusive situation.

Point “c” is based on my observation of what seems to be a magnetic pull during courtship (i.e.

shortstop: in baseball, the shortstop is the field position between second and third base.

So, in fooling around, shortstop is being masturbated by or masturbating your partner, as that's between feeling up and oral sex.

But I said I was going to try to make this analogy work, didn’t I? Someone who might come along and buy them in the future.