Hurricane Irma also struck the island, but Maria delivered the most severe hit. A mix of hedge funds, mutual funds and retail investors, many of whom are Puerto Rican residents, are holders.

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To ask for a confidence level has real implications on how people design their liquidity models," explains Quadri.

AIFMD and SEC rule 22e-4 are pushing liquidity risk management front and centre of trading strategies, placing much greater emphasis on ex ante risk.

Copenhagen-based Danske Bank Asset Management has more than EUR100 billion in assets under management.

It uses Bloomberg LQA to measure and benchmark the liquidity risk of its fixed income and equity portfolio investments to meet its myriad regulatory reporting requirements.

Bloomberg LQA allows users to quantitatively and consistently evaluate market liquidity across multiple asset classes, including government and agency debt, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, global equities and ETFs.

More asset classes are to follow by the end of 2017.

Twenty years ago, there was no consistency of approach in terms of how people viewed liquidity.

Since the '08 global financial crisis, the G20 have committed to rolling out an alphabet soup of regulations.

"They've become more challenging, to the point where, under SEC rule 22e-4, you've got the first mandated regulation around measuring, categorising, and reporting on liquidity," adds Quadri.