He saw that Juliet could go undercover and that I could play younger or older, and I think that set us on a trail of Juliet going overboard when she’s given a character to play.” Lawson already has a new character in the works.

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The movie will pick up three years after the finale.

“PSYCH is a beloved part of our USA family, and what better time to reunite with family than the holidays.” Chris Mc Cumber, President, Entertainment Networks for NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, said in a statement.

“It unites us once again, and it unites us with our fans once again.

Sadly, it’s almost like another wave of grief, so the audience is sort of experiencing what we were experiencing.“It was a while ago,” Lawson notes, “but it’s almost like we’re reliving it again, and it feels right.

The actress who has played police detective Juliet O’Hara for eight seasons on the USA comedy-mystery first said goodbye to the cast, crew and show when she finished her filming last year.

RELATED: Dule Hill’s idea for a ‘Psych’ movie She’ll do so again Wednesday (March 26) when a live “Psych After Pshow” — a farewell special also featuring James Roday (Lawson’s beau in real life, too), Dule Hill, Timothy Omundson and others with whom she’s worked for so long — immediately follows the telecast of the series finale.“It’s another way for us to come back together as people are going on to different things,” the friendly Lawson tells Zap2it.

It feels like there should be this sort of moment where we can say ‘thank you’ back.

The fans have been so dedicated and so supportive, they should be included in the celebration.”The arc of Juliet also is being celebrated by Lawson: “We’ve been blessed with the time to grow, and the writers have done such a good job of picking up on who we are and where we want to go with the characters as well.

It is totally easy to imagine how manufactured onscreen romance between sizzlingly attractive celebs can turn into the real thing, but it's harder to get to grips with offscreen saucy antics occurring between onscreen siblings.