The nucleolus is the largest structure in the nucleus and is where the ribosomes are made. Plant cells usually have cells with many small vacuoles that are used for storing food.

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Messenger RNA (mrna) plays an important role in the movement of the code on DNA into the cytoplasm.

Transfer RNA (trna) translates the message within the nucleotide sequence on mrna into specific amino acid sequences.

This is, in part, is due to them being unclear of the position of key organelles where such processes occur.

Task Instructions The 14 size game cards need to be printed out and ideally laminated. Make sure the inner circle has the same number of red and blue cards as those sitting on the outer circle. Allow learners 5 minutes initially to share their understanding of the organelle or genetic material that is on their card. After five minutes the teacher rings a bell and asks the inner circle to move 1 place clockwise and the outer circle to move one place anticlockwise. The time learners get for the speed-date discussion decreases by 30 seconds each change over to a minimum time of 3 minutes. Give tips as to how to get the most out of their speed-dating.

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It will also support the learners when looking more at sub-cellular organelles, covered in Sub-topic B4.2 How do we know about mitochondria and other cell structures?

Common learner misconceptions or difficulties with this topic include: Genetic terms are often confused.

A chromosome is made of protein and a single molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The gene of the coding region encodes instructions that allow a cell to produce a specific protein or enzyme.