I didn’t want to turn playtime into work time but the opportunity seemed too ripe to relinquish. How often do we get to share a beer and actually try to understand each other? I told them that I was writing about dating cultures in different countries. But you know, everything forbidden is more interesting.” I asked how dating is different for them in Istanbul than it is back home and both men instantly replied that it was way easier to date back home in Iran. ” One said and laughed, but then added more seriously, “Maybe they feel more freely. But because they are so repressed, they go to extremes to compensate. They’re totally dressed up and made up and with the hair… They’ve got like three boyfriends, they’re always screwing around… They explained that the right of divorce is the man’s, but that most middle and upper class men sign a clause in their pre-nuptial agreement giving their wife the same right. The graduation rates are like 62 percent girls.” I walked away from this conversation a bit rattled and sad.

They agreed to interviews but definitely, absolutely did not want me to use their names; they said it could end up preventing them from re-entering Iran at all. When you’re in a closed place and you’re under pressure, you want to experience something that is illegal.” The other chimed in, “Yes, I have had 15 girlfriends and I’m only 30! But here, it’s much harder to get girls.” I asked if girls in Iran have sex before marriage and one of the men speculated that 10 or 15 years ago only 10 percent of girls would, but that now the percentage is probably closer to 90. Not sad for the Persian women, but rather that in my mind and in the general American imagination, we paint them as such helpless victims.

I was genuinely shocked, and tried to play it off like I wasn’t such an ignorant American thinking that Persian women were just bundled up virginal victims. While the laws in Iran are extremely stringent for woman, to think of them merely as victims of their government robs them of their agency.

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Yazarloo also plans to touch Antartic, where she plans to spend a month in a boat there.

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The woman said she hadn’t been to any but she had heard about plenty. My family, my uncle, he has a mansion and they have massive parties, sex, everything goes.” The Spaniard told me he had been to crazy parties in Tehran and that as soon as the girls walked in, “se quitaron todo,” they took off everything. “OK, so if dating is technically illegal, what do you tell your parents?

At this point they were all grinning because they must know how misconceived the rest of the world’s vision of life in Iran is. They say, ‘Oh, Americans have sex casually, lets have sex casually times 10.’” Both men agreed. The woman explained, “basically the country is divided into two halves: the supporters of the government and the liberals. And then there’s the private life of the liberals, and it’s very indulgent. They also assured me of the presence of a massive gay underground community in Tehran as well as the prevalence of prostitution. Well, yes, but, “it’s illegal but it’s also political,” the woman said. It’s not that they give a shit about religion, they’re just using it as a political tool to suppress people.” The men nodded in agreement.

Maral Yazarloo (@maralyazarloo) on Jul 26, 2017 at am PDT Maral, a 35-year-old Iranian woman, moved to India in 2004 to pursue her MBA from Pune.

Later, she also completed a Ph D in Marketing from the University of Pune.Maral Yazarloo (@maralyazarloo) on Mar 25, 2017 at am PDT Apart from being a bike rider, Yazarloo also even launched a fashion brand which offers variations from bridal couture to kids wear.Also Read: 14 Army Men Biking All Over India To Meet Families Of Martyrs, Help Them With Pension And Other Issues Can't wait to finish my trip and get back to my design studio and start my new collection inspired by each and everything in this world !Also Read: These Two Cyclists Are Biking Across India On Bamboo Bikes - To Raise Awareness About Educating Girls Chand hafteie hast ke to Jadehaie zibaie peru daram miroonam- va Chand roozie ke in roostahaie ziba ba jadehaie barike koohestaniro be tanhaiee miroonam!Tanhaiee roondano doost daram, behem ejaze mide khodam bashamo harjaiee mikham vaistamo harjoori mikham beroonamo har jadeiee ke mikham entekhab konam !!! #maralyazarloo #worldtraveller #onmybike #aroundtheglobe #fashion #design #iran #india A post shared by Dr.Our series Love in Far Off Lands tracks her journey, highlighting the best of her encounters. “Yep,” the woman began, “If you’re a girl, you get to decide how much you’re worth.” Now there’s a sentence that inverts the American conception of women in Iran. My grandmother walks around with a whip and my grandfather is basically not allowed to talk. Iranian culture is almost but not quite matriarchal. One of the men elaborated, explaining that modern Iranian women are the embodiment of a “hard core backlash.