more info Catalogue is available here- 1300 Magnificent posters covered the worlds of Art, Propaganda & Politics, Entertainment (from cabarets and dining to opera and early film), Travel, Sports, Consumer Products (from cigarettes to the first automobiles) to scenes of War.more info Catalogue is available here- Like the New York Yankees have been to the history of baseball, so has Calumet Farm been to the history of thoroughbred horse racing.

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They all were part of Guernsey's Sports Immortals Auction.

Catalogue is available here- Guernsey's conducted the auction of "Boyhood Dreams" when we sold the contents of Topps Warehouse.

more info Catalogue is available here online- Most agree that Guernsey's auction of 200,000 pre-Castro Cuban cigars was one of the most unusual auctions ever conducted. If you've guessed that it was a Guernsey's event... more info Catalogue is available here- There are many who would agree that there's never been a more beloved baseball player than Mickey Mantle.

When Mickey's family chose to sell his many treasures, they chose Guernsey's.

Guernsey's was able to see that Calumet's fabled collection of 550 major trophies (including eight Kentucky Derby trophies) was kept intact and gifted to a fine Kentucky Museum while creditors in this massive bankruptcy were most grateful for the auction house's efforts.

- From the Pioneering first auction of vintage carousel animals, to total sales of these joyful figures exceeding those of all other auction firms, many think of "carousel" as Guernsey's middle name. more info Assorted Catalogues are available here- What did Lou Gehrig's baseball jersey, Jim Thorpe's football helmet and the poetry-inscribed door to Muhammad Ali's training camp all have in common?

Catalogue is available here online- What did Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas all have in common?

They all participated in Guernsey's unprecedented Sci-Fi and Horror auction.

Catalogue is available here- Imagine a wood-paneled den, now imagine all of the gentlemanly-type things that you would find there.