The images that make up the radar animation are not served from a *website.

They are currently housed on a special highly available CDN (content delivery network).

auto updating weather radar sites-24

Running along the bottom of the dialog box, you will see 4 buttons "Colors", "Fonts", "Languages" and "Accessibility".

Click the Accessibility button - Firewalls, if not configured correctly, can cause problems correctly displaying certain websites particularly if they display or manipuilate any form of data or media as is the case with the Bureau's radar loops.

Some recipes for correctly setting web browsers are: Basically, once the full loop has downloaded and has looped around a couple of times, there should be no further download activity, and the mouse should not show a flashing hour-glass image.

If any of these symptoms still occur on your PC, then change your time-check setting back to Once-per-session or equivalent.

If Javascript will not run in this browser, then you may wish to install another web browser which will run Java Script.

Try Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox or Opera, ...

This usually happens with part-time radars after a windfinding session when the radar has been down for one and a half hours, and has only just come back up. It takes a full 40 minutes before all 4 images are available.

When loops are running normally, there should be no further downloading from the internet - the images should all be in the PC cache storage.

In most firewalls the user will need to look at the security Settings for the affected site.

For the Bureau's radar pages this would entail the following If unsure of these settings or how to change them refer to you Firewall instruction manual or the vendors website.

This issue can be resolved by adding "*" as a trusted host to your web browser/add-blocking software or network settings (white-listed).