I think it would be interesting to explore the topic with your associate more, from an angle of possibility rather than fear.Yes, he's clearly leaving some things behind or relegating them to second best but he might be moving toward other things, of which you're not aware. And I've been running on the fear, while bearing the regret, for a decade and a half.Hundreds of other dating sites already use this system - with great success.

That concerns me - surely such a thing is not possible. Law, as I see it, offers the opportunity to have some financial stability plus intellectual challenge.

It's similar to the intellectual challenge that makes me love creative writing and software design, and what it lacks in conventional creativity, it makes up for with presenting the possibility of channeling it for a good cause (at least with some pro bono work).

They don't have tremendous passions or productive activities they find fulfilling -- they like good food, good wine, exotic travel, nice things -- so the job that's going to make them happiest is the one that pays well, and they're smart, and this isn't the worst life imaginable, so they make the work-long-hours tradeoff, pretty easily, and they do this for a living. There's nothing else really pulling at them -- maybe family, eventually, but they recognize they have to earn a living somehow, and this is easier and more lucrative than construction, so here they are. Your blog is a fascinating window into an alien world.

AL, do you think from the second comment posted that the experience is all that different for the small town practitioner or County DA?

”Of course, in a sick, Republican society, we let them run the world. Words that sum up the “Steal everything, blame Clinton and hide behind the dead” perversity of the Age of Bush as succinctly as “Give me liberty or give me death.” summed up the Age of Patriots.

Sixtyocons: Sixty, as in the aggressively oligophrenic end of the I. Weeocons:(Pic pilfered from jurassicporks’s place) Baby Republicans.Unless a person can hide from himself also, settling is a difficult thing to do.I recently finished grad school (not in law) and chose a bigger, more important, more stable and better-salaried job over a smaller, more exciting, more risky and much lower-salaried one.There are people who are passionate about the law, there's no question. People who are smart enough to do this, and probably do it well and make a good living from it -- but it's never going to be enough, it's never going to be what they really want to be doing, and it's never going to send them home at night truly happy with who they've become. They're frightened of taking that leap of faith, but not knowing how to turn what excites them and motivates them into a way to make a living, and not sure they really have the talent, and not at all confident it will all work out in the end. He can stay, in the cloak of someone who loves the law, or in the cloak of someone who loves nothing so he settles for the law -- but either way, he's hiding. Occasionally, big firm attorneys swoop into town and tread the pine floors of our county courthouse.There are people who genuinely love the intellectual challenge of what they do here. And there are people who don't, but there aren't any jobs where they would, so why not pick something that pays well and has some prestige. And worried that by giving up the safe, reliable, however sould-crushing income stream and societal respectability, they'll have made a disastrous choice that will come back to haunt them in the future. And so they end up here -- not necessarily miserable, although in some cases probably, but resigned, beaten, conquered, tamed -- by a life that isn't really what they feel like they were meant to be doing, isn't really what they feel like they want to be doing, and isn't really what makes them able to look in the mirror without regrets. It’s always a treat to watch the cufflinks flash as the nine-year associate hands his supervising partner the gilded pleadings.All made of some high-density composite that’s impervious to common sense. I was wrong.” gears stripped and shredded, and all bent on blindly screwing the world into the 13th century or oblivion. And then whittles down the wishbone to make into lock picks to break into other lands. Me, I'll only do it shamefully, in private and until I need glasses. Grew up and moved in and out of several as a wee driftglass. They also have some of the most mentally and morally landlocked creatures I have ever met. They peel the flesh from a perpetually tortured, screaming Living Christ, layer after layer, generation after generation to stitch into misshapen diapers to cover their diseased minds and desiccated souls.