The solution could be to walk, ride a bike or hop on a scooter for the school run.

Even if you do all you can to avoid spending money, there will always be things you need to buy, such as groceries.

Surely, it’s worth investing in a multi-pack of crisps, a loaf, a six pack of fizz and a week’s worth of sandwich fillings for a fraction of the cost?

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In the UK, mobile phone numbers always begin with 07.

For the most part, you’ll pay standard UK mobile rates when calling a phone number beginning with 07.

Did you know the average adult spends more than £72 a month without really knowing what on?

That’s cash that could come in really handy when the credit card bills blow in at the end of January. Don’t waste time searching for holes in your pockets or down the side of the settee, that’s not where most of the money you can’t account for goes.

Supermarket's smaller stores tend to charge more for staples you can pick up in the bigger shops, so break the pattern of just popping round the corner for washing up liquid and tins of cat food when there is a cheaper store five minutes further along the road.

In the UK, it’s often possible to get an idea about the cost of a phone call based on its number.

Some of these small practices become such a ritual they almost become unnoticeable.

Buying a newspaper to read on the way to work or a kick-start coffee are purchases so familiar they barely register.

Do, however, be wary of 070 and 076 phone numbers: they’re used for personal numbering and pagers.