"What I love most about Judi is her playfulness and lightness.

You never feel anguished — as you sometimes can in rehearsals when you feel you are never going to get there.

Though, to be frank, this site is only marginally to the right of Tumblr and I haven't really encountered any problems thus far.4.

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I’ve got every album and I’ve been to every gig and I’d just like to be her. I want to stand up there and sing, and just become her.

That would be such a buzz." "I’d love to not be this shape, I really would.

Whereas I was kept on for the entire run." His spokesperson confirmed: "Ben has never hidden his sexuality, but like many actors he prefers not to discuss his family or life outside of his work.

Due to speculation, I can confirm that Ben and Mark entered into a civil partnership in August 2012.

As an actor, your job is to persuade people that you’re someone else.

So if you’re constantly telling people about yourself, I think you’re shooting yourself in the foot. There is so much tension around doing something like that, that maybe you’re not quite thinking rationally.Author has written 57 stories for Discworld, Good Omens, Primeval, Temeraire, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Torchwood, Lord of the Rings, Dresden Files, Silmarillion, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Avengers, James Bond, Smallville, Old Kingdom/Abhorsen series, Sherlock, Kingdom of Heaven, World War Z, Wheel of Time, Green Lantern, and Avengers. I'm what Americans would probably call a History Major at University, specifically studying Ancient and Medieval History, with a side of Politics back in my first year.I haven't updated it for four years, partly because it got eaten alive (also metaphorically speaking) by the has also generated a couple of pieces of fanart, including a few commissioned pieces of Harry, Carol, Wanda Maximoff and Harry Dresden, in Helena-Markos' gallery on Deviantart. Now, well, I won't beat about the bush if I tell you things need changing, but I don't flame.There's also some more conventional fanart, including a spoileriffic piece about Harry (don't look if you haven't read up to chapter 72 of ), in Kefalion's gallery, also on Deviantart. I only review to support people or to tell them how to improve and to occasionally go squee over how good they are (we all do it.If I suddenly stop writing, it's not that I've necessarily abandoned the story, it's more that I've written later bits and got distracted.