Dating sims often have you scheduling your character’s time in order to raise specific stats by doing certain activities.

As a quick peek at Wikipedia shows us, otome games are literally “girl games.” They’re aimed at a female audience and are evidently a fairly new genre.

They’re most popular in Japan, but from what my personal anec-data show me, the genre is quickly gaining a bit of traction in the U. as well, and is especially popular with indie creators.

Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (Sony) Hakuoki is one of the few localized, professional Japanese games available in the U. This means it includes great voice acting, beautiful art, a complex storyline & interesting characters.

It’s a historical drama with (of course) a supernatural twist.

When a new console launches you expect it to hit the ground with a big "thwomp" that knocks the competition aside.

Nintendo's 3DS, however, has had something of a softer landing.But it leads us to confession time #2: My husband is an otome-enabler.He’s the one who convinced me to play DA: O in the first place and got me my first indie dating sims.So with all that said, I suppose I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the genre, and I *certainly* consider myself to be an expert in taste, so I here present to you (in no particular order), my Top 5 List of Amazing Otome Games/Visual Novels You Need to Play Right Now!Magical Diary (Hanako Games) This game is pure Harry Potter wish fulfillment as you play as a new student at a magical school.I’ve found it easy to spam the right activities to get the best ending, and generally felt like I didn’t even get a story in the process. You raise your stats in various magical subjects to get new spells, which then provide you with multiple ways to solve your tests.