My friends often use me as their personal “Zagat” guide since I seem to know almost everything when it comes to going out and doing things in LA. I mean I can read them but it ended up taking me 4 hours to drive from Portland, Oregon to Salem, Oregon because I had the GPS on pedestrian mode.Not sure how this happened because I swear I’ve spent the majority of my life in front of a computer writing. I’m a good cook but I tend to reserve these skills for the all too infrequent but elaborate dinner party. Pinkberry with vigor and think that spending hours at Amoeba Records is an essential ingredient for a perfect day. I can be in a room and in no time I will make a mess.

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To safeguard our clients' privacy and to discourage copy-cats (yes, the problem is serious and rampant) we have decided to showcase only few small text snippets with which we creatively answered some of our client's cliche sentences in their previous profiles.

We can provide more samples on request and, believe us, pleasure would be entirely ours.

Each of those hobbies and interests add freshness and relevance to your dating profile.

It really amazes us to find people not caring much about things they should put into their profiles.

Writing your own profile, however, can be very difficult.

Even the best writers hire professionals to write their bios for them.

Do include these and anything new and interesting you are doing and considering pursuing this year.

People desire life partners who are intriguing and interesting; people who are engaged in life with hobbies and interests.

Use passionate words and put strong emotive verbs while writing about your hobbies, ambition, life's credo, job, foods, TV shows, movies, music, dreams, places you long to go (or have visited), the person that influenced your life the most, your parents, friends and your general description of you. If you love helping people out (which, I am sure, you do) then write about it using passionate words.