Prof Hawk says: The SPF is relatively high – I personally would not recommend using lower than this in high summer.

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There is also the theoretical possibility that adding an extra element to sunscreens may compromise the stability of the filters in the sunscreen, making them less effective over time.

The essential thing to do if trying to prevent skin damage is to avoid the sun.’ Dr.

This poorly understood skin condition affects roughly 620,000 Britons.

Symptoms include facial flushing, spots, stinging and persistent redness of the face.

Hyper Bright complex contains mint and maize extract, which helps prevent the development of age spots by reducing the over-production of melanin in response to sun exposure.

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Bunting says: The formulation is oil-free and oil-absorbing making it ideal for summer skin.

Even if you don’t normally have oily skin, the hot weather can make you sweat and look shiny.

There is no cure for rosacea, but there are treatments to control symptoms.

Prof Hawk says: This is a light, non-greasy moisturising cream teamed with subtle green pigments to neutralise any mild redness on the face.

It is common particularly during adolescence when hormonal changes trigger the excess production of an oily substance called sebum.