The compatibility matching system involves completing a long questionnaire and this may put some people off, but in practice it ensures good matches.If you feel disappointed by the number of matches the system returns, widen the age range that you are prepared to consider. e Harmony is not specifically aimed at the over 40s market, but the over 40s are well represented here.

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The matching system is not as complex as Parship's, and seems quite easy to use.

e Harmony is very well established as the dating service to join if you are serious about finding a long term relationship or someone to marry.

Another thing to beware of is the people that have been on there for seven and eight and nine years, not once changing their pictures which were already ten years old when they originally put them on there, but it just makes it all the more fun to watch Hi, I just stumbled across your site! Plus I could add individual entries so that people could get to know the “real” me 😉 Match has a tonne of members but it takes ages to complete your profile. Dear Datinggoddess, I am so glad I stumbled upon your site.

Several years ago I gave up dating to take care of my mother, who passed away a year ago.

Every conversation led to how I needed to lose 20#. So, I lost 30 pounds, whitened my teeth, updated my hair style and my wardrobe, and started pampering myself. We will be sharing a front lawn, and my office window overlooks where he parks his harley. Datinggoddess, is this a cruel joke, or a chance for me to exact revenge?

I also began working on my inside: My attitude, femininity, and self-esteem. Thank God for the Grapefruit Diet and my hula hoop. I know this letter is long, but I love to write, and feel a certain “kindredness” with you.A 60 year old man who had seen me around town, recognized me and contacted me.For a month I tolerated him constantly telling me how hot I’d be if I lost weight. Instead of going right back online, I decided to use his humiliation as a catalyst to re-invent myself.We understand that for many middle-aged individuals trying to get back into the dating scene that the idea of dating and finding someone online can be somewhat overwhelming.The good news is that online dating is becoming a great way to meet other singles.We have compared the web's best online dating services for finding love after 40, and presented the results below.