You are obviously a deeply caring stepmother, so just continue to be a stable, loving presence for your stepchildren. Love Letters: After four years with my partner, he tells me that he has some love letters from his teens, and he wants me to send them to him. I was very angry about these letters and he said they are his memories and he wants to keep them.

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The real questions here, given the evidence you have presented, is not about his betrayal, but why he's spent four years with you. While she was not with him during the period of incident, she vehemently denies he did anything wrong.

Since she was not there, the rest of us in the office are in agreement that she has no basis to defend him as he could be feeding her a line of bull.

We threw out all his photos with his ex, and two years later I found some of them, which he took out of the bin and kept them behind my back. After 4 years together, I feel very betrayed by his response.

When I asked him about them he said that he can't remember and that he was under a lot of stress. Thank you A: It sounds like robot partners can't come too soon for you because you would prefer a machine programmed to meet your specifications.

We are disgusted that she has not only allowed him in her life and gotten purposely pregnant by him but she also brings him around her underage son.

Illegally, nonetheless (to her account she is not shy about sharing information).Once the lights are out and all is quiet, you are in a zone of assuming each of you is drifting off to sleep, and if under the covers she indulges in some quiet stress relief to help bring on pleasant dreams, I think you should ignore it.Instead of lying there anxiously listening for the sounds of self-gratification, just tell yourself your roommate tends to toss and turn before the delta waves hit.He’s much better now but will still have a go at me about the photos. Your partner's previous experiences helped form who he is and presumably you find who he is appealing.I'm trying to imagine the Dumpster event you organized that was supposed to consume all evidence that he even had an ex.Since she's been so open about the fact that she is allowing a child molester to hang around her young son, that is all the information any of you need to alert the authorities. : Almost a year ago my husband caught me sleeping with one of our closest friends.