We all know talking about your penis is step one in the process of meeting your penis.

best would you rather dating questions-30

You should probably just cut things off (no pun intended) right then and there.

Now this is an awesome question to keep the date moving, because the question basically forces her to talk about your penis.

What's one book that you had to read for school that you ended up loving? If you could go to any college, regardless of cost or location, where would you go?

When you are scrolling through Instagram, would you rather see lots of posts from close friends, or from celebs you've never met? Would you rather be forced to drink a Frappuccino every day FOR ETERNITY or never be able to drink a Frappuccino again? Would you rather have someone give you $100 or have everyone in your class get $10?

And it will also get her thinking about the last guy she had sex with, which you might think is a bad thing.

However, I would disagree, any talk of her having sex with anyone (or anything) is step 2 in the process of her meeting your penis. Not too sure what you can really learn about your date from this question.If you ask some heavy hitting would you rathers, you can really break down boundaries quickly.That is when a first date gets real interesting and fun!This will also give you a sense for how she will act when you are sleeping next to her. Talking about having kids on the first date is usually a no no, but if you are playing would you rather you can plow through that boundary easy.Will she simply be cuddling you or trying to semi-consensually rape your passed out body. This question will of course give you some insight into her feelings on kids.Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you need to cover your eyes and behave like you can’t appreciate anyone else in the world.