With one minor exception, an 1891 civil case in the Bighorn Basin town of Bonanza, Wyo., the Long jury was the first with women on it after 1890, when Wyoming became a state.

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"Some of us were represented as sharp-nosed spinsters, holding a favorite cat or lap dog." The female jurors wore heavy veils when going to and from the court, and refused to sit in a body for their pictures.

The grand jury on which Pease served included six women. 40, known as the "Woman Jury Bill." Introduced by Reps.

"The courts were persistent in enforcing the [saloon closure] law, and imposed fines and penalties without stint," wrote Pease. 17 Meanwhile, other states were admitting women to jury service, with Utah leading in 1898. This question moved quickly to the Wyoming Supreme Court, which ruled on May 5, 1950, that the statute was sufficient, with no need to change the constitution. Yazzie was dismissed due to the disappearance of witnesses, but the trial of Otto Long opened in Sweetwater County only three days later.

"Nothing that had been done before created as much ill feeling."Women also served on petit juries for three terms of court, convicting murderers and thieves, until Howe retired in September 1871. By 1949, 40 states, including Wyoming, allowed or required female jurors. A federal court decision in 1966, ruling that both racial and gender distinctions in state juries were unconstitutional, forced these six to capitulate. Women began to serve on juries throughout other parts of Wyoming as well.

Howe’s call came over the objection of Albany County Attorney Stephen Downey, who most likely cited a law, also passed by the territorial legislature the previous December, that limited jury service to men.

Howe quashed Downey’s objection and on March 9, 1870, Eliza Stewart, an unmarried schoolmistress from Laramie, Wyo., became the first woman in the known history of the world to be subpoenaed for jury duty. Martha Boies of Laramie was the first female bailiff, and Amalia Post of Cheyenne was the first woman jury foreman.

The panel met in Laramie for three weeks, considering several murder cases as well as horse and cattle theft. Frank Mockler, Fremont County, and Madge Enterline, Natrona County, it was supported by many women's organizations throughout the state. 1, 1950, the bill read, "A person is competent to act as juror if he or she be:" and the list of existing qualifications followed—U. citizen, state and county resident, owner of taxable property and fluent in English.