A rep for the 48-year-old actress didn't respond to Page Six's numerous requests for comment Monday, and a spokesperson for the 49-year-old actor had no comment.

Watts and Crudup arrived hand-in-hand at a café in Tribeca over the weekend.

For a while, a rumor floated that Crudup might be cast in the next Star Wars.

People will recognize him without really knowing where they saw him.

from NYU and stage credits from here to the end of your arm. Don't you want to take it up a notch, maybe just once? "Dude, that's what I am shooting for every time out. Every fucking time." He doesn't want it enough to care, but he cares just enough to want it. "No, the guy's name was Steve." "No, I'm talking about Billy," I say.

So I ask, directly, the one question I've been wanting to ask: Don't you want a big movie? Isn't that, at some level, the whole idea of the game? "He played the runner.""That guy was a lot bigger." The caddie pauses, and then it clicks.

We're playing Manhattan Woods, an ambitious new track across the Hudson River and fifteen miles up the Palisades Parkway from New York. One night, he took the keys from '70s rock icon Peter Frampton, who tipped him five bucks. I thought, Damn."Crudup, who's showing his game now, his swing steady and low, his body completely still. In truth, thus far Billy Crudup has been a bit of a Zelig, a cipher, an invisible man. "I have no desire to be one." That may be so--it really may be so. Instructive in this search is the knowledge that some popular entertainers would have you know that their purposes are more serious than entertainment, that their success at being creative is in itself a paradox, that they are more inward-focused and substantial than all that. What could be more substantial than pleasing the masses? Than looking quite excellent, and having a smooth stroke, and setting a good example? Stranger still is that this same Billy Crudup is by acclamation in Hollywood the next thing, the actor who is scheduled to arrive this year, our next star. We fly to London, and the two of them sit down to watch it, and I'm cringing. "The premise of all of this is that anybody would give a shit one way or the other, which I call into question almost immediately." Even when he does talk about his roles (he refers to them as "choices," a term that implies calculation, pluses and minuses), he insists that they are small, that they're not about him. I like being a tool, an implement for a great director. I'd prefer an argument about a movie, but no one ever brings one." Yeah, yeah.

He looks at Several years ago, Crudup was parking cars at a place in south Florida. It brings a lot of change.' There he was, changing my guitar strings. "It was," he says, "sort of one-weekish." He is extraordinarily talented and memorable, but only for a very short time. "Led Zeppelin was referenced all through the movie, so we decided to show what we had to Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. All of that is meant to promote a calculated image. If I start in on it, inevitably I have to maintain it." He holds his palms up and laughs. I wrangle a ticket, figuring it's a chance to talk to Crudup one more time, that maybe we'll get past the theater-school rhetoric and shake out something clearer. Especially on opening night, when everybody is glittering and giddy. Maybe you need to talk, to argue about a play before it means anything. I realize that I've been looking at her my whole life--in movies--and that she's made me feel who she is through movies, movies I didn't even really like. “So many people would flip but if the couple at some point announced they were engaged I’d be happy,” tweeted one fan. On Wednesday, Billy Crudup’s rep said “no comment” when asked whether the 49-year-old actor was tying the knot for the second time. Actor Billy Crudup has been romantically linked to numerous venerable names in the biz -- Mary-Louise Parker and Claire Danes among them -- and now he can count Meryl Streep on his list. Lest we need further proof, the report describes Crudup as introducing Gummer around and the couple doing couple-y things like "holding hands and rubbing each other's backs." The pair performed together last spring in the Broadway revival of Tom Stoppard's "Arcadia", where Gummer, unsurprisingly, played Crudup's love interest.It's raining on the first tee, pouring, actually and for a second the whole thing staggers against the possibility of a rain-out. "I should have never agreed to play golf," Crudup said. In each film, he flashes across the screen, angry, angular, and is out of your way before you know it. He can't deal with the possibility of his own solar flares. In the new Cameron Crowe movie, Almost Famous, the director's paean to rock 'n' roll in the seventies, the movie that many people expect will catapult Crudup toward fame whether he likes it or not, Billy Crudup plays a star. I've met that guy.' He was sure Billy was a pro." Crowe laughs. It's an "actor's role," the kind of thing actors like to talk about. There's no way I can't take the job seriously, no way I can't see myself as the luckiest actor on the planet at that moment." But what's lucky? Or does he intend to move on, to press toward something else? Billy Crudup locks eyes with me."Dude," he says, "I want to play. "I can't keep my guard up if I'm trying to get into your head." Keep his guard up? Even if you remember him from such recent flameouts as Waking the Dead or Jesus' Son, odds are you never noticed him, not in the sense of connecting the dots between movies, between roles. A star is the force that keeps the planets in orbit. He was in the movie." "The guy was a runner." "That's what I'm saying," I say.