A couple of girls felt that the African Americans tend to think that they are superior to Africans, showing less respect for them than the Caucasians who are more open to learning about different cultures.

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I think the same rules should apply for cross-cultural/ relationships as for any other: does he/she love, respect, and value you and the relationship?

Is he/she a morally upright and responsible person?

Most folks “tend to be comfortable with the culture they can identify with”, Anthony said.

Not enough interaction Diane kind of hit the nail on the head when she wrote: “On my part, I think both parties have bought into the stereotypes.

Earlier this year, I believe in January, a client walked into my office, his name JD (I am sure he is going to read this article).

For the record, JD is an African American male and I am an African female.

It was stated that those who do ask African women out are not usually looking for serious long term relationships and African ‘sistas’ out here in the diaspora are often very much aware of their ticking biological clocks; they have no time to waste playing around.

Not much in common Fundamental cultural differences serve as a huge divide between both groups; they do not share the same values for the most part.

They also say that Nigerian men like to dress well, “like they are somebody.” Is the video true or full of stereotypes?

Also, if they feel that Nigerian men are superior to African American men, does that mean that they are also saying that the same thing is true for women?

Some people wonder what it’s like to date an African man and whether or not hardened American attitudes about monogamy are consistent with what is considered normal in Africa.