But now, Rathbun, who had at one time been the second-highest ranking executive in the church and who has spent years exposing David Miscavige’s shortcomings, has surprisingly come to Dave’s aid, denouncing Ron’s book about his son as full of “hearsay.” In a lengthy blog post, Rathbun produces a withering attack on the book.— Rathbun says he offered to fact-check the manuscript, but Ron and his publisher, St. — Rathbun claims that he wanted to keep Ron from publishing “defamations” against his son that would end up having “deleterious emotional and spiritual effects” on Ron.Griffin, 26, already has Grete’s name tattooed on his forearm.

In general, many people anticipated that Ron’s book would be a blockbuster of insider revelations about Scientology, David Miscavige, and perhaps Tom Cruise and Dave’s missing wife, Shelly Miscavige.

But it turned out that Ron was often not around his son, and had little access to insider information.

Ruthless doesn’t give Dave credit for the repeated ways he kept his dad out of trouble, Rathbun says.

— Rathbun says Ron invited the kind of smears that Scientology is throwing at him, including the unrelated criminal investigation that Ron’s son, Ron Jr., went through that Scientology featured on one of its smear websites and that we wrote about recently.

For that reason, the book was something of a let-down for church critics who were looking for a “killing blow” after Alex Gibney’s documentary Going Clear and Leah Remini’s tell-all, Troublemaker, which both came out in 2015.

So Rathbun isn’t the first to be disappointed with Ruthless.

Now that their romance is public, look for Grete to floss on social media like she caught a big one.

Meanwhile, Liddicoat is preparing to take Griffin to the cleaners in divorce court.

— After Ron’s 2012 escape, Rathbun tried to correct stories Ron was hearing about his son, but Ron printed the rumors instead of Rathbun’s facts.

— Rathbun claims he warned Ron against the “moral propriety” of writing a tell-all about his own son.

— Rathbun saves for last his agreement with the Church of Scientology’s official position that it’s “provable bullshit” that private investigators Dwayne and Daniel Powell spoke directly to David Miscavige when he told them to do nothing as they watched Ron Miscavige apparently suffering from a heart attack.