Chris strangles Rose, but cannot bring himself to kill her as a police car pulls up.

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Rose and "Walter" catch up, but Chris successfully uses his phone's flash to free the real Walter, as with Logan earlier.

Walter sneakily turns Rose's rifle on her and shoots her in the gut and then shoots himself in the head, killing himself and Rose's grandfather.

He stated that the genres were similar in that "so much of it is pacing, so much of it reveals", noting that he considers that comedy gave him "something of a training" for the film.

Prior to the release of the film Peele was worried about its chances of success, telling Los Angeles Times, "I thought, 'What if white people don't want to come see the movie because they're afraid of being villain-ized with black people in the crowd?

He's looking for Chris and he sees Chris looking in a window on Main Street, and he goes 'Chris!

' and Chris turns to him and goes, 'I assure you, I don't know who you're talking about.

What if black people don't want to see the movie because they don't want to sit next to a white person while a black person is being victimized on-screen?

'" Peele originally intended for the film to end with Chris being arrested by police for the murder of Rose and her family, with the scene reflecting the realities of racism.

The filmed alternate ending available on the Blu-ray sees Chris choking Rose to death (while in the theatrical release ending he is not able to go through with killing her), and being arrested. Rod asks Chris for information regarding the Armitage family for further investigation, but Chris insists that everything is fine, responding, "I stopped it", before he is taken back to his cell.