Brother pulls out three suitcases of bills from his back pocket? So he finds redemption while his pathetic brother gets the girl and the money, and because he prayed once on screen we’re supposed to believe he really has a heart of gold.

One boy vomits when he sees a kid get his eyes burned out, but another remains cheerful and happy when he’s dipped in human feces? Come on, that role is usually played by a prostitute. The beautiful girl would never, ever go for the pathetic, obsessed chump with not a scrap of personality. I never wanted him to win, and I never wanted him to get the girl.

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What they need most from you right now is reassurance and consistency in the routines they rely on. If you and your spouse are considering a separation or divorce, keep it to yourselves until you know for sure.

While it may seem more honest to err on the side of full disclosure, the uncertainty of hearing "Dad and Mom are getting divorced" will unnecessarily confuse your child.

There is not a single scene which explains her love for him. Way too many white people were stroking this movie’s dick, warning me it may be overhyped.

The last time this amount of white people loved a movie was Crash, a steaming pile of contrived, patronizing dogshit.

If you’re a Bollywood director then I’m sorry, unless you Westernize your movies you will never see success in English-speaking countries.

School-age kids know that divorce means their parents' marriage has ended.

Choose a moment when you'll be together afterward to offer plenty of hugs and reassurances. Even if you disagree about everything else, try to agree on what to tell your child, for his sake. Telling your child together avoids confusion — he'll hear only one version of the story — and conveys that it was a mutual decision.

According to Paul Coleman, psychologist and author of , there's a more important reason, too: It helps preserve your child's sense of trust in both parents. Speak in terms your child will understand, limiting the initial explanation to no more than a few key sentences.

Susanna Cox of Abingdon, Virginia, mother of then-7-year-old Mikaela, kept mum until she knew the date when her ex would be leaving.