Mystique discovers Trask has been experimenting on mutants and plots to assassinate him at the Paris Peace Accords.

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Nixon, Trask, and Mystique hide in a safe room beneath the White House, but Magneto rips it out of the building with the intention of killing Nixon.

Back in the future, the Sentinels launch an attack on the X-Men, slaying most of them, including Storm, while Magneto is wounded.

Her DNA being modified by scientists to create and advance the Sentinel program.

Kitty, possessing an ability to send a mutant's consciousness back in time, suggests altering history to prevent Trask’s assassination.

Magneto appears, controlling the Sentinels, and uses the Robert F.

Kennedy Memorial Stadium to surround the White House. Wolverine confronts Magneto, but is thrown way into the Potomac River.While he had dissents with Xavier due to a wish to prove mutantkind's superiority, they revert to being allies as Erik helps the X-Men battle against Sentinels in the future.Once Grammer learned of this opportunity to return as Beast, a character he had enjoyed playing in The Last Stand, he called Singer asking to get involved, and was flown from New York in secret to avoid drawing attention.Magneto and Mystique both leave, one a criminal, the other a hero. Wolverine speaks to Xavier, aware of the changes in history.Back in 1973, the younger Wolverine is rescued by Mystique, disguised as William Stryker.Erik (now Magneto) obtains his signature helmet to block out Xavier’s psychic powers, and secretly takes control of the constructed Sentinels.