The woman is Arielle (Berenice Marlohe, Skyfall), and she is French, older than Brian, and married … 3 things that are equally problematic according to his dad (Frank Langella), though his mom (Glenn Close) is just thrilled someone likes her boy.As the flirting escalates, Arielle proceeds to explain to Brian that she is open to seeing him daily between the hours of pm and pm.

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What Fran doesn't count on is that she falls for John's similarly aged friend, Mike Mc Mullen.

Maggie thinks that Fran is being hypocritical by forbidden her to see John, while she still gets to date Mike who is also eight years younger than her.

Somewhere along the line, the magic of movie romance has been lost.

Love stories these days tend to take either the direction of snark or sap (or whips).

We begin with a narrator proclaiming that some of the best writing is found on the tribute plaques attached to the benches within Central Park.

Those plaques are used a few times throughout the film to drive home a particular situation or status within the story.The two principals, Anton Yelchin and Bérénice Marlohe, were perfect.Frank Langella was hilarious; Glenn Close touching.Ever so popular in the 1940's and 50's, well-written sentimentality for the big screen would best be described these days as passé'.And that's what makes writer/director Victor Levin's little film such a pleasure to experience.Arielle opens his eyes and mind to many things, and Brian is especially taken aback as the lines blur between family and outsiders. Levin's script is remarkable in its effectiveness at providing the awkward situations with a dose of humor; and his targets include Jews, the French, and Americans and their customs.