The announcement was — coincidentally or not-so-coincidentally — made on Brody’s 29th birthday, which he spent barbecuing in LA with pals.

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Since she hit the music scene, Avril has held on to her fun and funky beauty style — from unique pink hair streaks to her signature heavy eyeliner.

Though she usually sticks to a few basic looks, Avril has definitely become more confident in her style t Breakup alert!

Wonder if the Canuck duo will make a celeb sex tape on their honeymoon.

Lavigne sure has gotten around between the time she divorced Deryck Whibley and got together with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger.

"The people who know us are happy, and probably expected it to happen eventually," he said.

"But yeah, every once in a while we get that one person that's like, 'That's really creepy." Before Ryan Reynolds tied the knot with Scarlett Johansson or Blake Lively, he was engaged to Alanis Morissette.Even if you're pop culture obsessed, it's impossible to remember every celeb coupling." Starting with Ryan Reynolds, who before tying the knot with Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively, was engaged to Alanis Morissette.Pratt, in a scene from The WB series with Van Camp, spoke about the awkward fan reaction to their relationship with 'TV Guide' in 2006.In 2015, he told Howard Stern that though he's been in love, he's held himself back from getting married. Lavigne and Jenner, in New York City in 2011, split in 2012, but he had no hard feelings.