In particular, be sure to read the section on Custom Installation Locations if you are installing anywhere other than Python’s As you can see, it doesn’t take much to use setuptools in a project.

Run that script in your project folder, alongside the Python packages you have developed.

bsd updating ports using svn-13bsd updating ports using svn-19bsd updating ports using svn-16

Knowing these things will also help you correctly specify what versions of other projects your project depends on.

A version consists of an alternating series of release numbers and pre-release or post-release tags.

See the section below on Declaring Dependencies for details and examples of the format of this argument.

A dictionary mapping entry point group names to strings or lists of strings defining the entry points.

via If your project’s tests need one or more additional packages besides those needed to install it, you can use this option to specify them.

It should be a string or list of strings specifying what other distributions need to be present for the package’s tests to run.

Especially since it frees you from having to remember to modify your setup script whenever your project grows additional top-level packages or subpackages.

Packaging and installing scripts can be a bit awkward with the distutils.

In addition, this keyword is used to support Automatic Script Creation.

A dictionary mapping names of “extras” (optional features of your project) to strings or lists of strings specifying what other distributions must be installed to support those features.

Entry points are used to support dynamic discovery of services or plugins provided by a project.