Ring products are, however, designed to work together to create a "Ring of Security" around your home.

As long as Floodlight Cam is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can control the lights from anywhere. If I connect Floodlight Cam to a light switch, can I use the switch to turn on the lights? You can use your light switch to turn the lights on by flipping the switch off, and then quickly on again.

This will reboot the camera and keep the lights on until they are manually turned off in the ring app.

The device comes in black or white and has both front- and back-facing cameras as well as an integrated 2-inch circular hi-resolution touchscreen.

It actually looks fairly sleek and pretty understated -- and by that I mean it doesn't stand out like a pair of It has a standby time of up to 48 hours and can capture in story mode (time-lapse shooting) for up to 16 hours and in livestreaming mode for up to 2 hours.

If you already have an existing wall-mounted floodlight, you can easily install Floodlight Cam into the existing junction box using the mounting bracket we provide.

In addition, there are several articles on our Web site and in the Ring App that include videos to help you set up your Ring Floodlight Cam.

Floodlight Cam is compatible with all 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi networks operating on a 2.4 GHz frequency.

What is the recommended Internet speed for Floodlight Cam? Through the free Ring App, you can create a custom schedule for your floodlights.

Do I have to have a Ring Video Doorbell to use Floodlight Cam?

No, your Floodlight Cam, like all Ring devices, can operate as a stand-alone unit.

Can I install Floodlight Cam upside-down or horizontally? Floodlight Cam is designed for wall-mounted installation only. If you do not already have a junction box, one can be installed, however, Ring highly recommends that you engage a licensed electrician for this.