It is hard to be bold about sex because the cultural pressure is still highly Victorian.

the extra stimulus excites and ultimately the orgasm can be much better than just a handy. I have a stronger climax if I have a man watching and saying encouraging things on the mike than if I'm just trying to flick my bean for the evening.

I thought for some reason that gay guys liked to watch other guys, but the guys I interact with aren't gay and don't want a man to watch. There are men on that site naked in front of their cams right this moment, I guarantee it.

There are a small number of women like myself attached to the video chat site I like... (I checked.) I can click on the names of everyone in the chat room and their cam comes up on my screen.

Then maybe I click on one of the names, and I see a man already naked, lube next to the keyboard, masturbating. He can ask me to masturbate on my cam so he can watch and say we end up watching each other masturbate and both end up with a more satisfying orgasm(s).

I would not have ever had the nerve to start this thread.

But I do have voyeristic sex over the internet and I'm just trying to be as honest in my answers as you were in your im a bit detached from online culture these days. the real thing is always better, but man, its pretty fun fucking on camera.dont understand why there arent more of "us" out there.Internet sex through the use of webcams has become part of my life.I am married to a disabled person and satisfy myself when I get horny. Fapping on cam with several men watching me, while I'm watching them, we all have some kick ass orgasms and I don't feel lonely.this is ok, im not judging anyone, but im amazed to see how many people "are really horny" but prefer to keep their clothes on and be a non-participant.