Very good graphics, excellent representation of the Egyptian pharaohs, times the story puts us in the context of Princesses and as handled their sexual destination according to your beliefs, I hope soon part. It takes a really long time to play from start to finish, even if you know what you`re doing. The graphics and music though are fantastic and what I have come to expect from the creator. Nice soundscape really, nice storyline, really long if you are not looking for any help, might take a while before you hit the right spot/find the right action to do. I could not ask for more graphically either since it is a flash game. Don`t forget to write down the code given after you finish the game, it will allow you to play/skip scene without running through it all over again.

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Oh, one more thing that could`ve been improved upon: Siti`s lack of responses in the nurse`s office.

She never said a word during the "examination," which I found to be very distracting.

Good storyline and the princess is hot hot hot but there are bugs in the mouse movements.

In the doctor/examination scene, I was able to move her hand over his jeans/crotch, but after rubbing the three hotspots on the boy`s belly, I couldn`t move her hand over his jeans to touch a hotpot there. this is a good game, not the worlds best graphics but that would be impossible to ask for in this type of game.

Love the graphics but the biggest pain in the ass trying to get pass his wanting to rub his cock against her tits.

Tried more than a dozen times and decided the hell with it.

to abouddka: Repeat a few times till she starts over with her coment press h on keyboard a arrow will flash on her Cheek caress there till the guy says she has an angel face press her down and u can rub his dick on her tits have fun It`s been said that to get passed the AV room you need to take it slow. For those stuck on the first segment with Rob & Emma next to the sarcophagus, the tips earlier in this comment thread can be a bit confusing.

Well I blew up the image and was moving a couple of pixels at a time. Don`t start by pushing her down and then have to do it until she repeats the original line.

s fingertips around her cheek trying different angles until Rob says ?? , once this happens rub her cheek more until Rob then says ?? A lot of times you don`t need to rub (like on the stomach), just find the right spot and stop. allright, for the people who are still stuck in the titfuck scene in the av room, its now about going slow, i tried that too but i passed it while timing correctly and making right moves with the mouse.