In the long run, having some awareness about how your significant other feels will lead to a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about black men being bigger downstairs or Asian women being more submissive.

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If you’re already good with parents, then you should be just fine!

If a topic about your race comes up, then use it as an opportunity to teach them about your race and background.

Regardless of whether or not you have even discussed having children, just know that people will automatically comment on how cute your “mixed babies” will be.

What you need to know, however, is that it’s not okay to date someone just because you want mixed-race babies.

As a woman of color, my parents made it a point to remind me that I could date a man from any culture.

I remember blissfully playing with my Barbies (black and white alike) and creating fantasy relationships, not quite understanding what they meant in real life.

Sadly, racism in this country isn’t going to end anytime soon, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from having a long, happy relationship with your significant other.

While we still have some way to go, compared to other nations, Ireland is showing the early signs of growth in interracial dating and relationships.

Of course, mixed race couples should be just another unremarkable type of romantic partnership, but for a country which only very recently introduced same-sex marriage into law, we are still waking up to the diversity of our population and their wants and needs.