She and Bernice moved into Home Farm, where Lachlan White roped a guilt-ridden Gabby into a revenge plot against Eric Pollard.

As the year closed, Ashley began trying to spend more time with her, and reconciled with a now-recovering alcoholic Laurel.

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Jacob managed to stop David from calling the police but Lawrence took the matter of punishment into his own hands.

Gabby and Jacob later made up and after convincing Jacob to steal alcohol from the shop they head down to the pavilion to play and drinking game before sharing a kiss.

In 2015, Gabby was traumatised when a drunken Laurel picked her up from school, calling her a "bitch," and later, erroneously telling her Ashley had died after a car accident.

Bernice began dating, and later married, Lawrence White, delighting Gabby, who saw the perfect opportunity for lots of expensive presents.

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Gabrielle Bernice "Gabby" Thomas is the daughter of Bernice White and Ashley Thomas, is the older half-sister of Arthur and Dotty Thomas and is the younger cousin of Jasmine Thomas.Gabby befriends Liv Flaherty as Gabby takes Liv to town to get school clothes.After something Liv's half brother Aaron Dingle says about Liv having crush on Jacob, Gabby is horrible to Liv because she thinks she has a crush on Jacob. Liv then tells Gabby about messages of hate she's been getting from someone pretending to be her dead father Gordon Livesy. In early July 2016, Jacob and Gabby went round to Mulberry Cottage and got drunk by drinking far too much vodka. They nearly went upstairs and had sex but got caught in the act by Laurel.More turmoil hit the family in 2012 when Laurel broke up with Ashley due to his abuse of Sandy.She eventually began dating Marlon Dingle, while Ashley eventually became homeless. Further complicating matters was the return of Bernice after a decade away, now wanting to spend more time with Gabby.Gabby was born into controversy, as no one had any idea whether Ashley or Bernice's former lover Carlos Diaz was her biological father. He and Bernice reconciled, but Bernice struggled with motherhood, a struggle which made her leave the village when Gabby was just a few months old.